Atelier Serraspina, collection DORINE


Discover the 1750-laced gowns from Atelier Serraspina in the DORINE collection. The DORINE collection offers multiple variations of colors and materials around a common set: lace-up linen bodice, stomacher,and petticoat.

Atelier Serraspina, GEORGIANA


The Georgiana Collection includes all the 1780 Chemises à la Reine from Atelier Serraspina. Available in cotton or silk, these dresses faithfully reproduce the model of the Chemise à la Reine, very fashionable around the 1780s.

Atelier Serraspina, 18th-century colonial outfit in floral cotton-7


The MANON collection includes all our 18th-century Colonial outfits composed of a basques jacket and petticoat. The outfit corresponds to the popular dress that European and American ladies wore in the 18th century.

Atelier Serraspina, CHARLOTTE


The Charlotte Collection brings together all the 1770 English Gowns from the Atelier Serraspina. They reproduce a very fashionable dress model during the 1770s. CHARLOTTE comes in 2 variants: the open and the round gown.

Caroline koriche, costume designer

Passionate about history and stories of all kinds that inspire my creations, I started sewing as soon as I settled, 30 years ago, in a remote and wild valley of the Catalan Pyrenees, dominated by the magic mountain of the Serraspina. This is where, every day, I combine the past with the present.

Whether you have discovered my Atelier as you search the Internet or follow my adventures on Instagram, I am delighted to welcome you and to open the doors of my shop. You should know that it is the result of a “dream come true”.  Actors, reenactors, fans of history bounding, and everyone, welcome!