Atelier Serraspina Serraspina: the encant of Timeless Clothing - #Territori17 - 13/04/2021

In the 90s Caroline Koriche went to travel from her native France to the Fosca Valley with her husband Rafa. Es van instal-lar en una casa en ruïnes que van reconstruir i moblar....i aviat va voler començar a decorar amb cortines i coixins. Carolina did not know how to work, and her sister - a professional cosidora - taught her how to operate the machine. In a self-taught way, Caroline learns how to handle patterns and patterns to help her make the latest creations in historical costuming.

Així neixia l'Atelier Serraspina: vestuari històric pel qual no passa el temps.

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Source: Atelier Serraspina: l’encant del Timeless Clothing – #Territori17 – 13/04/2021, Busca't la vida.

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten- This quote was
said by Rose Bertin when Marie Antoinette approved a dress Mademoiselle
Bertin had refashioned for her.”

Rose Bertin