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Embrace Scottish Tradition in This Stunning 18th Century Black Watch Gown

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Step back in time with the Louise 18th Century Dress in iconic Black Watch tartan. This exquisitely crafted gown authentically recreates the elegance of late 18th century fashion with its tight-fitting bodice, elbow-length sleeves, and voluminous 5 meter skirt.

Made from a wool blend woven in Scotland, the Black Watch tartan immediatley conjures images of Scottish soldiers dressed in traditional plaids. While the pattern has military roots, Black Watch tartan garments are open for anyone to wear.

The Louise dress pays homage to an era of sophistication and intricate detail. Each element - from the lace-trimmed sleeves to the cotton lining - was carefully designed to capture the essence of the  English Round gowns that were the pinnacle of style in the 1770s and 80s.

Whether worn for a historical re-enactment, costume party, or simply for those who appreciate the beauty of vintage fashion, the Louise dress is a wearable piece of history. Its craftsmanship and authenticity bring the 18th century vividly to life.


18th-Century Dress in Black Watch Tartan



Details of the Dress

The LOUISE, 18th-Century Dress in Black Watch Tartan is exquisitely crafted for historical authenticity. The dress is made from a blend of polyester and viscose tartan, woven on traditional looms to mimic antique fabrics.

The iconic Blackwatch color scheme features bands of dark green, navy and black stripes on a muted red background. This classic tartan print adds to the period aesthetic.

In keeping with 18th century fashion, the dress features a round gown design in one continuous piece. Eyelets on the front opening allow for a customized fit.

The elbow-length sleeves are pre-formed in the style of the era, with delicate lace ribbon trim for a feminine touch.

The bodice and sleeves are fully lined in black cotton, while the voluminous skirt is pleated and measures approximately 150 inches around.

18th-Century Dress in Black Watch Tartan



Style Elements

The LOUISE 18th Century Dress showcases several signature style elements of the period:

  • Tight Bodice - The dress features a tight, tailored bodice with front lacing for a slim silhouette. This was fashionable in the late 18th century as it showcased a woman's natural shape. The bodice flatters the figure while maintaining modesty.

  • Large Pleated Skirt - Billowing out from the fitted bodice is a voluminous gathered skirt with deep pleats. Its large circumference of nearly 5 meters creates dramatic movement and regal presence. The ample fabric allowed for rich embellishments.

  • Lace Ribbon Trim - Delicate lace ribbon trims the elbow-length sleeves, adding softness and femininity. Lace details were highly fashionable and signified delicacy. The touch of lace balances the structured bodice.

The combination of these historically accurate elements makes the dress truly evocative of late 1700s style. The tailored bodice, full skirt, and dainty lace details come together to create a refined and aristocratic look.

Historical Context

While 21st century sensibilities have moved away from the restrictive shapes and heavy fabrics of 18th century fashion, the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the LOUISE dress provide a glimpse into the past.

Wearing the LOUISE allows you to channel the spirit of Georgian-era elegance. Its timeless style transports you back to an age when clothing carried strong social messages about status and standing. This premium tartan garment evokes nostalgia for a romanticized period of luxury and refinement.

18th-Century Dress in Black Watch Tartan



Black Watch Tartan

Black Watch tartan is one of the most instantly recognised and popular Scottish tartans, with distinctive bands of dark green and navy with black stripes. This tartan design has a fascinating history behind it.

Black Watch tartan is also known officially as the Government tartan. Its name comes from the ‘Black Watch’ companies of Highland regiments that were formed by the British government in the early 18th century. Their purpose was to patrol the Highlands and suppress rebellion after the Jacobite risings.

Although the Black Watch tartan is strongly associated with the Royal Highland Regiment, who adopted it in the early 1900s, it's considered an 'open tartan' that anyone can wear today. The tartan is not officially affiliated with any Scottish clan. However, it remains a powerful symbol of Highland tradition and bravery.

The signature dark green, navy blue, and black stripe pattern gives Black Watch its distinctive look. The contrasting colors are eye-catching, yet classic and sophisticated. It's easy to see why Black Watch remains one of the most beloved Scottish tartans, even as an open government design without clan roots. Its bold stripes hearken back to the brave Black Watch soldiers who patrolled the Highlands long ago.

18th-Century Dress in Black Watch Tartan




The Louise 18th century dress in Black Watch Tartan is a true testament to elegance and sophistication. The beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect the values of a bygone era. 

Yet this is more than just a historical garment. The timeless beauty and unique charm of the Louise dress make it versatile enough for themed events, Renaissance fairs, or simply for those who want to embrace a piece of the past. The iconic Black Watch tartan pattern adds bold, distinctive flair.

Owning the Louise dress allows you to celebrate history and connect to the values of craftsmanship, authenticity, and sophistication. As it gracefully flows across the floor, rustles during a dance, or swishes through the air, you are transported back to the elegance of 18th century fashion. Yet its timeless appeal means it works just as well in the present day.

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