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Dorine, Peasant Costume in Dark Green and Granite Grey Tartan

Size: XS


Our Peasant Costume features a short lace-up bodice, a stomacher, and a large pleated petticoat.

Peasant Costume | Colors & Fabrics

  • Bodice of the Corset Outfit: medium-weight dark green prewashed linen (205gr/m)
  • Petticoat: medium-weight (205gr/m) prewashed linen, in dark green
  • Stomacher: Granite Grey Tartan
  • Bodice lining: brown cotton
  • Shawl in polyviscose tartan, (250gr/m)

Peasant Costume | Design Features

  • Metal eyelets on both sides of the front opening for a perfect fit
  • Pre-shaped elbow sleeves
  • Synthetic boning on the back seam and both sides of the front opening
  • Boned stomacher
  • 18th century dress pleated skirt made of two linen panels sewn on the sides, 37.5 inches (95 cm) long
  • Large triangular double-layered tartan shawl, with sides approximately 52 inches long.

All About Dorine

This 18th-century historical outfit faithfully reproduces one of the most popular costume designs in Western Europe and America around 1760-1770.

Perfect for all your historical reenactments, this 3-piece Outlander-inspired outfit will allow you to immerse yourself, like Claire Fraser, in the fascinating world of the 18th-century!

The short and tight bodice is made out of linen, and fully lined with cotton. The preshaped sleeves stop at the elbow. The jacket is tied on the front by means of a lace that goes through eyelets located on both sides of the opening.

Once the bodice is placed, you can slip behind the lace the stomacher (see options for colors) that will complete the outfit.

The petticoat is made of two panels of fabric (linen or tartan, according to the model), joined by the sides whose upper end remains open on each side. This opening allows you to easily put on the skirt.

The two panels of this historical petticoat are pleated in the style of the 18th century. On the front, the pleats start from the central box towards the sides. On the back, the folds start from the sides to converge in the middle of the back.

In the photos, the petticoat is worn over a bum pad that will bring volume to the hips and will emphasize the finesse of the waist.

Dorine bodice is made of prewashed medium-weight linen (205gr/m), in a range of colors matching Atelier Serraspina's color palette. You can therefore combine your Dorine bodice with petticoats, linen or tartan shawls, as well as with sashes from the entire boutique.

Outer fabric: 100% prewashed linenLining: 100% organic cotton

Turn inside out before washing. Use cold hand wash only. Do not bleach, soak, rub, or tumble dry.

Tartan Fabric:

Put your garment in a bowl with cold water and one drop of wool washing up liquid. Then rinse properly a couple of times and after rinsing with your hands, lay the garment in a towel, fold it and leave it to dry like this before airing it again.

Tumble driers are not the best for wool products as they tend to shrink them, so it is best to air dry.

Place the garment flat on a clean towel, re-shape it by laying it out in its normal shape and leave to air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Colleen Schmitt
The quality of this outfit is wonderful. I...

The quality of this outfit is wonderful. It was exactly what I order. Thank you so much Caroline! 😄 You truly have a gift!

Nick Parker
This is one of the most beautiful, well cr...

This is one of the most beautiful, well crafted outfits I have ever seen in my life. Beautiful designs and craftsmanship. I can not wait to wear this dress! AS was so kind and responsive to my questions.

Anna Schaden
Absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship is...

Absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship is exquisite, I'm so pleased with everything. Lovely color and material.

Lucy Trantow
These dress sets are wonderful. I bought a...

These dress sets are wonderful. I bought a few in different colours to mix and match, and they always look beautiful. They are a very versatile set that can be mixed with other pieces, I can wear with different stomachers, skirts or bodices, and I love how many combinations I am able to achieve. The quality is top notch, everything is sewn beautifully, is made of high quality and durable linen with good opacity. The fabric breathes beautifully, I always feel cool and comfortable in Caroline's garments, even on hot days because the fabric is a dream. Highly recommend this style of outlander set, it is so versatile in an historical wardrobe and well worth the price for the quality you get. These garments will last me for decades, they are able to fit around my body as it goes through changes, I am thrilled with my purchases.


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