Outlander Costumes in Linen & Tartan

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Outlander Costumes in Linen & Tartan

Embark on a Time-Traveling Adventure with Our Authentic Outlander Linen & Tartan Collection

Step into the romantic and historical world of Outlander with our meticulously crafted Linen Collection of Outlander Costumes. Inspired by the TV series, each costume in this collection is made from carefully washed linen and stunning tartan plaids, immersing you in the authentic detail of the 18th century.

Our handcrafted costumes feature a lace-up bodice, elbow sleeves, stomacher, and pleated petticoat, ensuring a perfect fit for reenactments or theatrical performances. Easy to care for and available in various sizes, these costumes blend visual appeal, comfort, and breathability. Experience the past with our unique, handcrafted costumes that celebrate history and the untamed spirit of Outlander.

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