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An invitation to travel back in time

My name is Caroline Koriche, and I am the founder of Atelier Serraspina. As an enthusiast of history and a wide variety of stories, I find inspiration for my creations in the tales of the past.

My journey in sewing began 30 years ago in a secluded, wild valley of the Catalan Pyrenees, under the watchful gaze of the enigmatic Serraspina mountain. It is here that I weave together the past and present in my work every day.

Handmade With Love

Each of my designs is meticulously handcrafted with care and passion in Atelier Serraspina's workshop. My historical costumes are the culmination of countless hours of dedicated work, reflecting my unwavering commitment to excellence. When you wear one of my garments, you not only embrace exceptional quality but also join me in celebrating the pride and satisfaction of a job well done.

We Make History Alive

History fuels our passion. Whether we don period costumes or contemporary attire with a nostalgic touch, our goal is to bring the past to life in our everyday experiences. Atelier Serraspina provides historically-inspired clothing designed to embody this spirit.

Taking Time to Ensure Excellence

Each historical dress is a product of a carefully developed process: from designing the costume to acquiring the materials, and from conducting trials to making adjustments, every step is given due consideration to ensure that the garment will last a lifetime.

Louise, 18th-century dress in Brown Chintz Cotton - Atelier Serraspina

Sustainable Brand

The Atelier Serraspina workshop is nestled in a quaint village within the Catalan Pyrenees, where we are well-known and cherished by the local community for our authenticity. Through our dedicated craftsmanship, we strive to bring life and global recognition to this beloved environment.


Meticulously handcrafted historical costumes. Embrace exceptional quality and join us in celebration.


Committed to eco-friendly fabrics and products that align with environmental protection principles.


Our dedication to excellence shines through in every stage. Celebrate perfection with our impeccably crafted garments.

Charlotte Lookbook

Atelier Serraspina - Handcrafted Historical Costumes - Charlotte Lookbook

Louise Lookbook

Louise, 18th-century dress in Sunflower Linen - Atelier Serraspina