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Atelier Serraspina - 18th-Century Clothing - About US

An invitation to travel back in time

My name's Caroline Koriche, founder of Atelier Serraspina. Passionate about history and stories of all kinds that inspire my creations, I started sewing 30 years ago in a remote and wild valley of the Catalan Pyrenees, dominated by the mysterious Serraspina mountain. It is there that, every day, I conjugate the past to the present.

Whether you have discovered my workshop through your research on the Internet or you follow my adventures on Instagram, I am delighted to welcome you and open wide the doors of my store. Know that, even if the expression is conventional, it is the result of a "dream come true". Welcome to my shop.

Handmade With Love

Handmade With Love

“All our designs are handmade, with patience and love, in our workshop.
They are the result of long hours of conscientious work.
When you wear our garments, you share with us the pride of a job well done. ”

Our Values

Atelier Serraspina - 18th-century fashion for today's life

We Make History Alive

History is our passion. Whether we dress in period costumes or prefer contemporary outfits, but which evoke a time that is dear to us, we wish to make History alive in our daily lives. Atelier Serraspina offers historical clothing that fits into this spirit.

Atelier Serraspina - Handmade historical clothing

Time To Do Things Well

Each historical dress is the result of a slowly maturing process: from the costume designing to the acquisition of materials, through testing and retouching, all the steps took their time to make the garment last
you a lifetime.

Atelier Serraspina - 18th-century clothing for today's life

Timeless Creations

We draw our inspiration from the past to design timeless costumes that flatter the female figure. If our clothes reflect a certain period fashion - 18th-century fashion mostly -, many are wearable today. Our approach is as much part of the historical reconstruction and reenactment as it is of the present time.

Sustainable Brand

Sustainable Brand

Atelier Serraspina workshop is located in a tiny village in the Catalan Pyrenees where everyone knows us and is proud to have such an authentic workshop in their community. We contribute with our work to make this environment, which is dear to us, live and be known worldwide.

Our Commitments

Atelier Serraspina, 18th-century clothing for sale

At The Heart Of Nature

Our love and respect for nature guide all our actions. We use only ecological fabrics and products in accordance with the principles of environmental protection.

A Perfect Quality

Excellence is our primary commitment to our customers. Throughout the creative process, we strive for perfection. When you wear our clothes, you share with us the pride of a job well done.

Atelier Serraspina- 18th-century handmade clothing

A Real Person To Talk To

Your satisfaction lies on our conversation. Do not hesitate to tell me about you, your project, the dress of your dreams. I will do my very best to make this dream come true.

Atelier Serraspina - 18th-century clothing for sale, historical clothing for sale


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