The DIANE oufit by Atelier Serraspina is inspired by 18th-century hunting clothes or "riding habit" that was worn both for riding and for traveling.

The Waistcoat

The sleeveless waistcoat has a small collar that can be worn up or down. The black linen lapels are decorated with polished metal buttons, but the closure is done by means of a band of staples located on either side of the front opening. A drawstring on the back allows the garment to be perfectly adjusted to the bust. The vest is fully lined with black cotton. To avoid creating unnecessary layers, it is this same black cotton that is found on the back of the vest.

The Jacket

The jacket has long basques and lapels lined with black linen which gives the garment its characteristic, almost military, hunting clothing. Polished metal buttons also adorn the lapels and the front closure is done by means of a frog. The jacket and sleeves are fully lined with black cotton.

The petticoat

The skirt, with a wingspan of 2.60 m, consists of two panels of gray linen, joined at the sides with the upper end open on each side. This opening makes it easy to put on the skirt over your head. Once put on, the garment is tied as follows: we start by tying the links on the back panel, making a knot in the front; then the front panel adjusts like an apron, and is tied either at the back or at the front by making a double turn around the waist. The ties are long enough to make this double turn before attaching them. If you are happy with just one turn, you are free to cut them to the length that suits you best.

In the presentation photos, the skirt is worn over a bum pad which adds volume to the hips and emphases the thinness of the waist.
A bum pad is available in the shop, here:

Production time: 3 weeks