Atelier Serraspina 18th-century handmade costumes

Once ordered, all the garments are individually and manually crafted in our workshop. As clothing is produced to order, the Atelier does not have stock ready for shipment. Production times can vary between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the article and the current order flow. 


Atelier Serraspina Production Process and Time

“Handmade products” means goods designed and developed in a non-industrial context, by a person who is in control of the entire production and marketing chain. Even though we don’t have the “whole” of the production line, since we don’t manufacture the raw material – fabrics and haberdashery – of our creations, the entire downstream production line is implemented in the Atelier. From the reception of the fabric to the delivery of the orders, everything happens here.

The Atelier’s garments are, therefore, “handmade” insofar as we handle the cutting, assembly, and processing of fabric parts.

However, that the articles are “handmade” does not mean that they are “sewn” by hand. Even if part of the assembly and transformation is literally done by hand, the sewing part is mostly done with the sewing machine.

Time to do things the right way

Each historical dress is the result of a slowly maturing process: from the costume designing to the acquisition of materials, through testing and retouching, all the steps took their time to make the garment last you a lifetime.

The fabrics our garments are made of

Atelier Serraspina Linen Fabrics

The clothes in the shop are usually made with 100% natural and ecological fibers. Linen fabrics come from manufacturers who use ecological production processes. We prefer short circuits when we supply and therefore manufacturers of the European Union. You will find mainly linen, cotton poplin, silk, and cotton batiste for the most vaporous pieces.

Any urgent orders?

Fee free to email at or contact us via de form below, to inform of your deadlines. We will do our very best to adjust our process to your needs.