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18th-century open robe cherry red linen - atelier serraspina

18th-century open robes

Introducing Charlotte, our 18th century overdress, available in a stunning array of colors. Crafted from the finest pre-washed linen, this versatile dress adjusts to your style as the seasons shift. Enhance its beauty by pairing it with a white linen skirt, allowing the dress's color to shine, or experiment with your favorite linen or tartan skirt.

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Charlotte 18th century overdress featuring a fitted bodice and elegantly angled sleeves adorned with delicate lace ribbons. Captivate attention at your next event or simply revel in the joy of donning a garment from eras long past.

Overdress in Toffee Linen
18th-Century Open Robe in cherry red Linen - Atelier Serraspina
Overdress in Cherry Red Linen
18th-Century Open Robe in chocolate Linen - Atelier Serraspina
Overdress in Chocolate Linen

bringing history to life

Immerse yourself in the 18th century fashion with our exquisite Charlotte Overdress.

Recreating the elegance of the 1770s, it is available in a wide array of colors.

Select your preferred shade to embark on a journey to the past.

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18th-Century Open Robe in dark green Linen - Atelier Serraspina
dark green linen

Indulge in Opulent Nostalgia: Enchanting Dark Green Linen Overdress - A Reflection of 18th Century Style Meticulously Handmade for You

18th-Century Open Robe in steel blue and night blue Linen - Atelier Serraspina
steel & night blue

Revel in the Splendor of History: Embody the Sophisticated Enchantment of a Steel Blue Open Robe Overdress with a Night Blue Skirt, Individually Handcrafted

18th-Century Open Robe in cherry red Linen - Atelier Serraspina
cherry red linen

Journey Back in Time: Adorn Yourself in a Cherry Red Linen Overdress, Lovingly Handcrafted in the Elegance of 18th-Century Tradition

Time Traveling Through Textiles: Crafting a Peasant Woman's Wardrobe - Atelier Serraspina
Caroline Koriche

The 18th century was a time of great change, but for many rural peasants and urban workers, daily life remained humble. Clothing was simple and practical, often passed down through...

Louise, 18th-century dress in Purple Linen - Atelier Serraspina
Atelier Serraspina - Handcrafted Historical Costumes