The OLYMPE 1780 redingote is made of black woolen cloth. The bodice is cut according to the fashion of the late 18th century and the seams converge towards the black to emphasize the beauty of the waist. In addition, boning located at the back seam and on either side of the front opening gives the garment its full structure. The bodice and sleeves are fully lined with brown taffeta with thin blue stripes.

The skirt of the coat, very ample, gives the garment all its presence. Its pleats also converge towards the center back, to bring more volume to the back, as was usual at the end of the 18th-century.

The closure is done by a series of 4 black frogs, as well as by a band of hooks and eyes, invisible once the garment is closed. Finally, a double collar, characteristic of the 18th-century redingote, gives the garment its characteristic allure.

The outfit is completed by the HÉLOÏSE 18-century petticoat, here available in beige / burgundy / purple tartan. It is made out of two fabric panels, joined by the sides, the upper end of which remains open on each side. The two sides of the skirt are pleated in the fashion of the 18th century.

In the presentation photos, the OLYMPE 1780 Redingote is worn over a bum pad that gives it this nice volume at the hips while emphasizing the finesse of the waist. You'll find a bum pad in the shop, here.