GEORGIANA, 18th-century Chemise à la Reine in blue-gray silk


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GEORGIANA is an 18th-century Chemise à la Reine. This is the historical costume the Queen Marie Antoinette wore in the portrait Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun made of her in 1783. This historical garment was very fashionable in the 1780s.
This 18th-century chemise à la reine is made out of beautiful blue-grey silk. The sash is made with a long and very large ribbon of the same fabric. The span of the skirt is huge (6 m). The bodice of the gown is lined cotton, and 2 ties allow to adjust the dress around the waist & neckline for a perfect fit.

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How to dress

The dress is to be put on by the head. Then you can easily adjust with ties, both at the waist and at the neckline.
To give this historical gown its full and gorgeous volume, it is better to wear it over a quilted petticoat or bum pad, just like this one:
In the presentation  photos, the gown is worn over a bum pad which adds volume to the hips  and emphases the thinness of the waist.

If made of silk, the Georgiana chemise à la reine only supports dry cleaning.

The Georgiana made from 100% soft cotton are pre-washed & softened. The garments will not shrink after washing at home.

Please use low-temperature water and natural laundry detergent for washing your  cotton garments. Do not bleach nor tumble dry. Avoid dry cleaning. Set a low heat on the iron to remove unnecessary wrinkles from the inside out.

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