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18th-Century Open Robe in Cherry Red Linen & Skirt

Size: XS

Color: cherry red

Style: Open Robe alone


Experience the charm of the 18th century with our CHARLOTTE, 18th-Century Open Robe in Cherry Red Linen & Skirt. This meticulously crafted garment is a faithful reproduction of the most popular costume designs in Western Europe and America from 1770-1785, perfect for history enthusiasts, reenactors, and period fashion lovers.

The Open Robe is made of medium-weight prewashed linen and features synthetic boning, pre-shaped elbow sleeves, and a square neckline. A distinctive 18th-century style train adds a touch of authenticity to the piece. Careful attention to the choice of fabric and design elements ensures both durability and stunning visual appeal.

An optional linen skirt is available (in white or cherry red), pleated in the manner of the 18th-century. Capture the essence of a bygone era with the CHARLOTTE, 18th-Century Open Robe in Cherry Red Linen & Skirt.


The Charlotte Open Robe, inspired by the popular fashion of Western Europe and America from 1770-1785, is a beautiful blend of historical accuracy and contemporary craftsmanship.

Perfect for historical reenactments, theater performances, or simply to satiate your love for vintage fashion, the CHARLOTTE Open Robe or outfit is a timeless piece that you make feel you’re living history.

You can purchase the Open Robe alone or paired with an 18th-century skirt. This ensemble is not just a costume; it's a wearable piece of history, meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards of quality and authenticity that Atelier Serraspina stands for.

The Open Robe

Crafted with a generous volume of fabric, this 18th-century Open Robe exudes elegance. You have the flexibility to purchase the Open Robe alone or to pair it with a skirt. The linen bodice is fully lined with raw cotton and cotton poplin for the sleeves. It features a square neckline that closes at the front with eyelets and delicate lace ribbon trims on the preformed elbow sleeves. Synthetic whalebones are meticulously placed on the back and both sides of the front opening, providing structure and elegance.

The Open Robe is completed with a wide, 37.5-inch pleated train, adding a dramatic flair to the ensemble.

The Skirt

The HELOISE linen petticoat is a beautifully designed historical garment consisting of two fabric panels (3 for sizes X1, X2, X3) joined at the sides with an open upper end. This clever opening allows for easy wearing of the skirt.

The pleating of the panels follows the elegant 18th-century style. The front pleats cascade from the central box towards the sides, while the back pleats converge in the middle of the back.

For added shape and emphasized waistline, the photos show the petticoat worn over a bustle pad.

Fabrics & Care

Charlotte is made of prewashed medium-weight linen (205gr/m), in a range of colors matching Atelier Serraspina's color palette. You can therefore combine your Charlotte open dress with any linen or tartan skirts from the shop.

Outer Fabric and Skirt:

  • 100% European linen
  • Medium weight linen - 6.05 oz/yd² / 205 g/m²
  • Prewashed so it didn't shrink anymore
  • Mechanically softened so it is very soft and especially pleasant for your skin
  • Fabric woven according to universally accepted quality requirements which correspond to OEKO-TEX 100 standards

Bodice Lining:

  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Type of fabric: Raw Cotton
  • Approximate weight: 155 gr/m²

Sleeves Lining:

  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Type of fabric: Poplin
  • Approximate weight: 110 gr/m²

Care Instructions:

We kindly recommend dry cleaning only.


Finding the Right Size:

Please refer to the size chart to select the correct size for your dress. Keep in mind that historical costumes don't follow standard sizing, so getting an accurate fit is important for comfort and effectiveness. Here's a complete guide on how to measure yourself.

Custom Sizing:

If your measurements don't align with the sizes on the chart, we recommend choosing the "custom size" option. After placing your order, submit your measurements through our Custom Request Form as soon as possible. Delay in receiving your measurements will also delay your order.

Important Note:

Made-to-order items cannot be returned. Please make sure you're certain about the size you choose. If unsure, opt for the custom fit option.

How To Dress

The Charlotte 18th-Century Open Robe is to be put on as follows:

The Petticoat:

Put on your petticoat by the head.Once put on, the petticoat is tied in the following way: you start by tying the ties of the back panel, making a knot on the front; then you adjust the front panel like an apron, with a double turn around the waist.

The Open Robe:

Just slip your arms through the sleeves of the dress mantua that you'll tie at the front, passing a cord through the eyelets on either side of the opening. In the presentation photos, the dress is worn over a bum pad which adds volume to the hips and emphases the thinness of the waist.

Processing Times

All our garments, including the Charlotte Open Robe, are handmade in our workshop in Spain. Each piece is crafted with love and care, using the finest materials to ensure excellent quality. These garments are meant to be cherished for years to come.

Please note that our items are meticulously handmade, which means it will take some time for us to create them. The typical production time for an 18th-Century Open Robe & Skirt ranges from 4-6 weeks, depending on the current order volume. Keep in mind that the processing time does not include shipping.

The Details

  • Product:

    18th-Century Open Robe in Cherry Red Linen & Skirt

  • Outer Fabric:

    100% Medium-Weight Laundered Linen

  • Bodice Lining:

    100% Natural Cotton

  • Size Chart:

  • Weight:

    1.0 kg

  • Product Type:

    18th-Century Open Robes

  • Processing Times:

    4-6 weeks

  • Shipping & Returns:

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Les 2 robes sont sublimes, merci infinimen...

Les 2 robes sont sublimes, merci infiniment, sûrement je vais encore acheter ici

Superbe robe, qualité dans la couture, l'...

Superbe robe, qualité dans la couture, l'emballage, la rapidité de la livraison, merci de tout mon cœur, je reviendrais sûrement pour mes prochains achats

I was very surprised by the quality of th...

I was very surprised by the quality of the dress. It is really amazing.

Lucy Trantow
Exquisite overdress made by Caroline, in m...

Exquisite overdress made by Caroline, in my opinion she makes the best quality historical reproductions available on Etsy, or online for that matter. I purchased an entire 18th century historical wardrobe from her which I wear daily. Although this particular garment is a special occasion dress, when I have worn it, it fits like a dream, looks beautiful, is sewn beautifully and is such a versatile piece. I can mix and match several underskirts to create many different looks. I expect this wardrobe to last me for decades. The garments are well made, durable, wash easily and beautifully and wear even better. If you are looking for a historical reproduction garment, look no further, you won't find better value for money than Caroline's shop.

Bridgette Kerluke
Excellent product beautifully made. Fit v...

Excellent product beautifully made. Fit very well. Thanks!