Atelier Serraspina Gift Card

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Surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift that allows them to indulge in the allure of historical fashion. With an Atelier Serraspina gift card, they can immerse themselves in the world of timeless elegance and choose from a curated collection of exquisite 18th-century dresses, Renaissance Costumes, and more.

Our gift card offers the ultimate flexibility, allowing the recipient to select their preferred piece from our range of meticulously crafted historical garments. Whether they're attending a historical event, planning a themed soirée, or simply seeking to elevate their everyday style, an Atelier Serraspina gift card is the perfect solution. It opens the door to a world of romance and enchantment, where they can embrace their inner elegance and create lasting memories.

The option to add your gift card will displays on checkout. When making a purchase in the store, you can redeem the value of your gift card by entering its unique code in the appropriate field at checkout.

The balance on a gift card can be spent on more than one order. Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order, which can include taxes and shipping.

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