COMPLETE REGENCY OUTFIT of Pelisse, Dress & Shift in Gray & Pink Linen


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This Regency complete outfit reproduces a very fashionable set in the years 1790-1800, but its modern lines make it suitable for any event today.

Regency Complete Set, composed of a Regency pelisse in gray Linen, a Regency dress in pink linen and a Regency shirt in white cotton. he waist is high and goes up above the navel, like the clothes of that time.

The Regency Pelisse MARIANNE in brown-gray linen

The MARIANNE pelisse reproduces a very fashionable coat model in the years 1790-1800. It was usually worn over an Empire (or Regency, in England) dress. The waist is high and goes up above the navel, like the clothes of that time.

Its long and wide skirt, gathered all around the waist, makes it a very covering garment.

The bodice part of the MARIANNE pelisse is fully lined, as are the sleeves. The closure is done through 2 Venetian metal frogs. A polished metal button decorates the tabs of the sleeves.

The length of the skirt is 95 cm, which makes it normally arrive a little above the ankles. If you want to shorten it, do not hesitate to let me know by message or in the personalization space.

Regarding the material, the MARIANNE pelisse is made of linen. It can be machine washed at 30ºC but must be ironed inside out.

The Régence ÉLÉONORE dress in pink linen

ÉLEONORE is a Regency-type dress, inspired by models from the very end of the 18th century, but with a waistline slightly lowered compared to the original model.

The dress is offered here in old pink linen with a long ribbon of the same fabric for the belt. The span of the skirt is approximately 3 meters. The dress is fully lined with white cotton batiste. The hem of the skirt lining is finely decorated with a white lace ribbon. The ends of the sleeves are also decorated.

The dress is to be slipped over the head, then adjusted with ties, both at the waist and the neckline.

Éléonore is just as suitable for a historical re-enactment as it is for a current outfit. The suggested length is 95 cm from the waistline. If you would like to shorten it to transform it into today's garment, please indicate this in the personalization field.


The Régence Chemise in white cotton

The linen or cotton Shift of Chemise is the basis of the costume in the 18th century. It is offered here in its Regency version, with short sleeves and no ruffles. A simple cord allows the neckline to be adjusted.

 Before starting, make sure you know how to get your body measurements.

For any other size or if in doubt between 2 sizes, please contact me.

Size chart in inches

Size Chest
XXS 31,5 24 33,5



24,5 35



25-26 36-37



27-29 38-40



31-33 42-44



34-37 46-48



38-40 50-52

Size chart in centimeters

Size Chest Waist Hips
XXS 80 61 85



63 89



65-67 91-93



69-74 95-100



79-84 107-112



86-94 117-121



97-101 127-132

Made from 100% linen, pre-washed & softened. The garment will not shrink after washing at home.

Please use low-temperature water and natural laundry detergent for washing your linen garments. Do not bleach nor tumble dry. Avoid dry cleaning. Set a low heat on the iron to remove unnecessary wrinkles from the inside out.

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