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DORINE, Outlander Costume in Steel Blue Linen and Outlander Tartan Skirt

Size: XS


Step into the world of Outlander with this stunning Claire Fraser Dress, perfect for cosplay, reenactments, historical events, and themed parties. This unique 18th-century costume is inspired by the iconic dresses worn in the popular TV show and features a steel blue linen bodice and a pleated skirt with authentic tartan accents, making it an unforgettable gift for any Outlander fan!

Made with love and care, our Claire Fraser Outlander Dress is crafted from high-quality materials, including a prewashed medium-weight steel blue linen bodice (205gr/m) and genuine Outlander tartan fabric in polyviscose (vegan-friendly) for the stomacher and skirt.

The bodice is lined with cotton and features metal eyelets, pre-shaped elbow sleeves, and synthetic boning for a comfortable and secure fit. The 37.5-inch (95 cm) long pleated skirt is designed with two panels sewn on the sides, creating an authentic 18th-century silhouette. Available in 9 sizes (XS-X1), we're also happy to customize the dress to your measurements if needed!

To complete your outfit, consider adding our Chemise, Bustle Pad, and White Linen Skirt to your cart and enjoy a 10% discount. Dressing in your Outlander ensemble is a breeze—simply follow our easy instructions provided for the skirt, bodice, and stomacher. Don't forget to add a bustle pad for extra volume and an authentic look!

Please note that all our garments are handmade to order in our workshop, using only the finest fabrics and haberdashery to ensure you'll treasure your unique Outlander dress for years to come. Keep in mind that personalized or custom-made garments cannot be returned or refunded. If you have a specific deadline, feel free to contact us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Embrace your inner Claire Fraser with this exquisite Outlander Dress in Steel Blue Linen and authentic Tartan, a must-have 18th Century Costume for any cosplay or themed event. Order now and make a lasting impression at your next gathering!

All About Dorine Tartan

This authentic 18th-century historical ensemble accurately replicates one of the most favored costume styles in Western Europe and America during the 1760-1770 period.

Ideal for all your historical reenactments, this three-piece Outlander-inspired attire will enable you to fully immerse
yourself, just like Claire Fraser, in the captivating realm of the 18th-century!

The snug, short bodice is crafted from linen and fully lined with cotton for added comfort. Its pre-shaped sleeves extend to the elbow, providing a chic and stylish look.

The jacket is secured at the front by a lace that threads through eyelets on both sides of the opening. To complete the ensemble, simply slide the stomacher (available in various color options) behind the lace.

The petticoat, crafted from tartan fabric, consists of two panels connected at the sides, with an open upper end on each side for easy wear.

This historically-inspired petticoat features 18th-century-style pleats: at the front, pleats extend from the central box towards the sides, while at the back, they start from the sides and converge at the center.

In the images provided, the petticoat is worn over a bum pad, which adds volume to the hips and accentuates the waist's slimness.

The Dorine bodice is crafted from prewashed medium-weight linen (205gr/m) and is available in a variety of colors that complement Atelier
Serraspina's color palette.

This allows you to effortlessly mix and match your Dorine bodice with petticoats, linen or tartan shawls, and sashes from our entire collection.

· Outer fabric: 100% prewashed linen

· Lining: 100% organic cotton

· Care Instructions:- Turn the garment inside out before washing. Hand wash gently in cold water only. Do not bleach, soak, rub, or tumble dry

· For Tartan Fabric: Place the garment in a bowl filled with cold water and a drop of wool-safe detergent. Rinse thoroughly a few times. After rinsing, gently press the garment between your hands and lay it on a clean towel. Fold the towel over the garment and leave it to dry before airing it out again.

To maintain the garment's shape, lay it flat on a clean towel and carefully reshape it before leaving it to air dry.


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