Renaissance Bodice in Burgundy Velvet or Linen

Size: XS

Material: Velvet


Transport yourself to the Renaissance era with our Renaissance Bodice available in either Burgundy Velvet or Linen. These meticulously handcrafted pieces embody the opulence and grandeur of that illustrious time.

Indulge in the comfort of a soft cotton lining while being captivated by the intricate eyelet and cord closure, which adds an irresistible allure and a whisper of mystery. Each bodice is fashioned from durable velvet or linen, radiating timeless beauty and an air of luxury. To preserve their pristine condition, we recommend dry cleaning only.

Crafted from durable velvet or linen, ANN, Renaissance Bodice exudes timeless beauty and luxury. Perfect for historical fashion enthusiasts, Renaissance fairs, or themed parties. Embrace the elegance of the past and make an unforgettable impression that will endure through the ages.

Design Features

Our Renaissance Bodices are designed to take you back to the Tudor era, making them an ideal choice for historical fashion enthusiasts or anyone looking to add a touch of vintage elegance to their wardrobe.

This Renaissance bodice is more than just a fashion statement. The front closure features an intricate eyelet and cord design that adds a hint of mystery and allure. It pairs wonderfully with a tartan plaid skirt for a classic Scottish look. The velvet or linen material not only adds a touch of luxury but is also incredibly durable, promising a bodice that will retain its beauty for years to come.


Finding the Right Size:

Please refer to the size chart to select the correct size for your Renaissance bodice. Keep in mind that corsets don't follow standard sizing, so getting an accurate fit is important for comfort and effectiveness. Here's a complete guide on how to measure yourself.

Custom Sizing:

If your measurements don't align perfectly with the sizes on the chart, we recommend choosing the "custom size" option. After placing your order, submit your measurements through our Custom Request Form as soon as possible. Delay in receiving your measurements will also delay your order.

Important Note:

Made-to-order items cannot be returned. Please make sure you're certain about the size you choose. If unsure, opt for the custom fit option.

Fabrics & Care

  • Outer fabric: beautiful cotton velvet or linen (depending of your choice)
  • Bodice Lining: Natural Cotton
  • Bodice Interlining: wool and cotton. The wool can be replaced with linen if you wish so. Please, contact me about your preferences.

To ensure the preservation of your Renaissance bodice, we kindly suggest dry cleaning only.

Processing Times

All our garments, including the Ann Bodice, are handmade in our workshop in Spain. Each piece is crafted with love and care, using the finest materials to ensure excellent quality. These garments are meant to be cherished for years to come.

Please note that our items are meticulously handmade, which means it will take some time for us to create them. The typical production time for a Renaissance Bodice ranges from 4-6 weeks, depending on the current order volume. Keep in mind that the processing time does not include shipping.

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