CHARLOTTE, open English Gown 1770, in lilac/purple linen with gray sash

Open English Gown type dress, 1770, in purple/lilac linen & large silk sash.

  • Overdress fabric:  lilac linen
  • Petticoat fabric: purple linen
  • Bodice and Sleeve Lining: cotton
  • Sash: long ribbon in blue-gray silk
  • Sleeve: elbow.
  • Interior cords to pull up your train “à la Polonaise”

You can choose between 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL. Please refer to the size guide to choose the one that best suits you. If in doubt, take the larger one o just drop me a line.





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CHARLOTTE is a genuine reproduction of the “English Gown” worn in Western Europe and America around 1770-1785.
The dress is composed of two elements. On one hand, the open overdress made in lilac linen; on the other hand, the petticoat, made in purple linen.
The CHARLOTTE outfit is completed with a wide and very long sash in blue-gray silk, to be tied at the back.

Overdress & Train

The open overdress gives CHARLOTTE all the character of the English Gown. The fitted bodice is boned and lined with cotton poplin. Its square neckline closes at the front by a band of hooks and eyes located on both sides of the opening. In addition, a tie, invisible to the outside, allows adjusting the neckline, once the bodice is closed, to fit perfectly the neckline.
The large train of this dress covers the petticoat on the sides and on the back. You can also wear this dress “à la Polonaise”, by pulling up the train thanks to 4 cords sewn to the inside of the train. The photos show you both options: the dress worn “à l’anglaise” (the train is left as it is); dress worn “la polonaise” (the train is rolled up).


The CHARLOTTE set is completed by the HÉLOÏSE skirt, which is declined here in purple linen. The skirt Héloïse consists of two panels of fabric, joined by the sides whose upper end remains open on each side. This opening allows you to easily put on the skirt through the head. Once put on, the garment is tied in the following way: you start tying the ties of the back panel, making a knot on the front; then the front panel adjusts just like an apron, and ties or the back, or on the front with a double turn around the waist. The links are long enough to make this double turn before attaching them. If you are satisfied with only one turn, feel free to cut them to the length that suits you best.

The two sides of the skirt are pleated in the style of the 18th century. On the front, the pleats start from the central box towards the sides. On the back, the pleats start from the sides to converge in the middle of the back.

On the presentation photos, the English gown is worn over a bum pad that gives it this nice volume at the hips while emphasizing the finesse of the waist.
You’ll find a bum pad in the shop, here: SUZIE.


As for the material, the CHARLOTTE English Gown is made of medium-heavy linen (245gr/m2), a material that gives the garment its full elegance. Maintenance is simple: the outfit is washable at 30ºC and can be ironed. It is better to perform this operation on the inside to avoid shining the fabric.  Regarding the sash, it is made out of 100% natural silk.


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 35 × 15 cm

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