BRIANA, Long Plaid Skirt in Isle Of Skye Tartan

Size: XS

Length: Mid-Calf


Immerse yourself in the spirit of the past with our BRIANA, Long Plaid Skirt in Isle of Skye Tartan. The perfect companion to all your historical reenactments and Renaissance Fairs, this plaid skirt is a beautiful blend of tradition and style. Whether you're dressing up as a medieval peasant, a Renaissance fair maiden, or simply looking to add a touch of historical elegance to your everyday attire, this skirt is sure to impress.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the BRIANA, Long Plaid Skirt in Isle of Skye Tartan is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. The vibrant Isle of Skye Tartan pattern is reminiscent of the Scottish highlands, bringing a piece of history to your wardrobe. Made from durable, comfortable materials, this skirt is not just a costume piece, but a versatile addition to your closet that can be paired with a modern jacket or sweater for a unique, history-bounding look.

To keep your BRIANA, Long Plaid Skirt looking its best, we recommend gentle hand washing and air drying. This ensures the tartan retains its vibrant colors and the fabric maintains its quality. When you purchase this skirt, you're not just getting a beautiful garment, but a handcrafted piece of wearable art that embodies the spirit of the past. Stand out at your next event or bring a touch of history to your day-to-day fashion with this stunning Isle of Skye Tartan skirt.

    All About Briana

    The BRIANA petticoat is made of two panels of tartan, joined by the sides whose upper end remains open on each side. This opening allows you to easily put on the skirt.

    The two panels of this historical petticoat are pleated in the style of the 18th century. On the front, the pleats start from the central box towards the sides. On the back, the folds start from the sides to converge in the middle of the back.

    In the photos, the petticoat is worn over a bum pad that will bring volume to the hips and will emphasize the finesse of the waist.


    Wool or polyviscose (250gr/m) tartan fabric, woven in Scotland

    You can combine your petticoat with linen or tartan shawls, as well as with sashes from the entire boutique.


    Put your garment in a bowl with cold water and one drop of wool washing up liquid. Then rinse properly a couple of times and after rinsing with your hands, lay the garment in a towel, fold it and leave it to dry like this before airing it again.

    Place the garment flat on a clean towel, re-shape it by laying it out in its normal shape and leave to air dry.

    Once put on, the petticoat is tied in the following way: you start by tying the ties of the back panel, making a knot on the front; then you adjust the front panel like an apron, with a double turn around the waist.

    In the photos, the petticoat is worn over a bum pad that brings volume to the hips and emphasizes the waist.

    The Details

    • Production Time:

      3-4 weeks

    • Fabric:


    • Color:

      Isle of Skye

    • Product Type:

      Long Tartan Skirt

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