SUZIE, 18th-century bum pad in white/black cotton


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The SUZIE BUM PAD is an 18th-century accessory whose purpose is to give volume to the hips. It's a must-have element of the historical costume of that time. Our bum pad is made of white or black cotton, enhanced with a matching batiste ruffle.
The SUZIE bum pad is available in the sizes S-M-L-XL. If you hesitate between two sizes, better take the larger one. If in doubt, feel free to contact me!




  • S: 58-61 cm | 23-24 ins
  • M: 64-67 cm | 25-26,5 ins
  • L: 71-76 cm | 28-30 ins
  • XL: 81-87 cm | 32-34 ins


  • S: 83-85 cm | 32.5-33.5 ins
  • M: 88-92 cm | 34.5-36 ins
  • L: 97-102 cm | 38-40 ins
  • XL: 107-1 12 cm | 42-44 ins.

Historical Notes

Since the Renaissance, women’s historical fashion has regularly sought to emphasize the finesse of the waist to enhance the chest and shoulders. In contrast, they also throve to bring volume to the hips or lower back, to accentuate the arch of the back. The bum pad precisely fulfils this role!

If the «Robes à la française» (or  Robes à la Watteau) of the middle of the 18th century were characterized by a fitted bust and enlarged hips on the sides, the feminine silhouette is transformed from 1772 with the gowns « à la polonaise» and English gowns, shorter and more flexible. This 18th-century fashion adopted in France by Marie-Antoinette will become a rage throughout Europe before disappearing a few years later when the queen became a mother in December 1778. At that time, Marie-Antoinette gave a new tone, much more natural, to her outfits.


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