LOUISE D'ÉPINAY, 18th-century dress in floral cotton


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LOUISE D'ÉPINAY in floral cotton is a faithful reproduction of the "English Gown" or "Round Gown" worn in Western Europe and America around the years 1770-1785. This 18th-century round-gown comes in one piece: the mantua is sewn to both sides of the skirt's front panel. The whole gown has a very generous volume of fabric.
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An 18th-century Round-Gown

The mantua gives LOUISE all its 1780 English gown character. It is made of a fitted bodice, lined with cotton poplin. Its square neckline closes at the front with a band of eyelets on either side of the opening.  A ribbon trims nicely trims the end of the preformed elbow sleeves.

How to dress

The LOUISE D'ÉPINAY dress is to be put on as follows: you slip your dress over your head through the opening. Then you adjust the skirt panel by tying the ties around the waist, like an apron. Once the skirt is in place, we slip your arms through the sleeves of the dress mantua that you'll tie at the front, passing a ribbon through the eyelets on either side of the opening.
In the presentation photos, the skirt is worn over a bum pad which adds volume to the hips and emphases the thinness of the waist.

Made from 100% linen, pre-washed & softened. The garment will not shrink after washing at home.

Please use low-temperature water and natural laundry detergent for washing your linen garments. Do not bleach nor tumble dry. Avoid dry cleaning. Set a low heat on the iron to remove unnecessary wrinkles from the inside out.

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